Clearing House Mechanism

Agricultural Ecosystem

Myanmar has six major agro-ecological zones corresponding to topographical variation and climatic conditions.


  1. Bago and Kachin riparian areas and floodplains

Geographic description – Upper Delta, Kachin Plain, flat plains and Sittaung rivers, moderate rainfall (1000-2500 mm)

Administrative units – Ayeyarwady region, Kachin State, Sagaing Region, Mandalay Region, Bago Region

Main Agricultural crops – Rice, pulses, oilseeds, sugarcane, tobacco and alluvial/island cultivation


  1. Central Dry Zone

Geographic description – Central Dry Zone, rainfall less than 1000 mm, highest temperatures in summer, flat plains, some areas with rolling hills

Administrative units – Magway Region, Mandalay Region, and Sagaing Region

Main Agricultural crops – Upland crops, oilseeds, pulses, rice, cotton, irrigated agriculture and alluvial/island cultivation


  1. Delta and Coastal Lowland

Geographic description – Delta, lowland and coastal river outlets and estuaries; heavy rainfall (more than 2500 mm)

Administrative units – Ayeyawady Region, Yangon Region, Bago Region, Mon State, Kahyin State, Taninthayi Region and Rakhine State

Main Agricultural crops – Rice, pulses, oilseeds and nipa palm


  1. Kachin and Coastal Upland

Geographic description – Mountainous, sloping land; heavy rainfall (more than 2,500mm)

Administrative units – Kachin State, Rakhine State, Taninthayi Region, Mon State, Kayin State, Kayah State, Yangon Region and Bago Region

Main Agricultural crops – Orchards, plantation crops, and upland agriculture



  1. North, East and West Hills

Geographic description – Hilly areas, uneven topography, moderate to heavy rainfall, sloping land

Administrative units – Kachin State, Chin State, and Shan State

Main Agricultural crops – Upland crops, shifting cultivation and fruit trees


  1. Upper, Lower Myanmar and Shan Plain

Geographic description – Upper and lower plains outside of central dry zone, Shan Plain

Administrative units – Sagaing Region, Kachin State, Shan State, Bago Region, Magway Region, Mandalay Region and Yangon Region

Main Agricultural crops – Upland crops, oilseeds, pulses, vegetables and wheat.